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The Purring Parrot

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  • About:
  • The Purring Parrot opened in Sept 2008, to fill the much needed niche for upscale cat and bird vacation care. Each cat family has their own room, not a cage, to have room to stretch, play, and enjoy watching the bird guests through one way windows. Bird enjoy loads of out of cage time, fresh fruits, veggies, bath time, afternoon snack and a bedtime mush of sweet potato and bananas. All guests enjoys playtime, reverse osmosis water and loads of personal attention. We also have a large selection of toys, cat scratchers, a bird toy making section and loads of bird-safe toys.

    Meet the Business Owner: Maria and Patrick B.
    We decided to open our business because we saw that dog places have greatly enhanced boarding care but cats and birds have been left behind and we wanted to change that. We try very hard to customize care as much as possible.

    Patrick has the creative background and Maria has about 8 years of veterinary technician experience. We make sure to spend one on one time with every guest every day to ensure that we make a connection which helps all our guests settle in so everyone has peace of mind. Maria, Patrick and their employees are always listening and learning a great deal from their guests and their human companions.

    We have a few human employees and 5 bird employees that do a wonderful job of keeping our kitty guests entertained. Our guests have a great time and come back often. We are not a traditional boarding resort so come by and check us out.

    • 1-619-223-2326
    • Location
      3015 St.Charles Street,Suite D
      San Diego, CA 92110
    • Hours
    • Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm
      Sunday: 11am - 4pm
    • Services
    • Overnight Boarding (Cage/Kennel Free)
      Indoor Avian Play Area
      Daily Pet Play Time
      Large Private Rooms
      Homemade Organic Bird Food